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Un chien et son maître
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Maya hiver
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Prête à partir!
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dimanche 3 janvier 2010

Garçon sauvé par son Golden Retriever--Boy saved by his Golden Retriever

Family dog saves boy from cougar in backyard

Updated: Sun Jan. 03 2010 12:25:23

A cougar attacked a B.C. family's Golden Retriever Saturday night after the dog stepped in between the cougar and an 11-year-old boy.

Police, who later shot the cougar dead, credited the dog -- Angel -- for saving the boy's life.

According to RCMP, the boy went to retrieve some firewood at his family's home in Boston Bar, about 200 kilometres northeast of Vancouver.

A cougar began to charge across the yard at the boy.

The dog stepped in and engaged the cougar, which was much larger than the dog.

A call was made to police. An RCMP officer was nearby and was on scene within a minute.

The officer found the cougar under the back porch and heard the dog cry out as the cougar chewed on the dog's neck.

The officer fired two rounds into the cougar's rear end, but the cougar continued its attack.

The officer closed in to within five feet and shot the cougar again, killing it.

The dog survived with only minor injuries. The boy was not hurt.
Tune in to CTV News at Six for more on this story.
With files from CTV British Columbia's Jon Woodward

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