Un chien et son maître

Un chien et son maître
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Maya hiver
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Prête à partir!
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dimanche 7 mars 2010

Article de Cesar Millan sur le jeu entre chiens

I found this short text from Cesar Millan about dog's play.

The following are my reactions to your observations of Klohee, who sounds like a very playful Doberman indeed! 
Play bows. - That’s great!
Lies down to reassure she means no harm. - Perfect!
Run, chase, play with other dogs. - That’s what dogs do!
Barks if they don’t take the bait to play. - There’s nothing wrong with that.
Bites back of the neck. - If they’re part of her pack, it’s fine, but I would discourage this behavior if they’re not dogs she recognizes as regular friends and family.  
Nips at legs. - This is more irritating to a dog than a bite to the neck. Dogs do this when the other dog is not paying attention.  If the dog she is nipping is not a dog you trust, do not allow the nipping on the leg.  This could lead to a conflict or fight.
Plays the “bite-each-other's mouth” game. - This is normal play behavior.
Licks other dogs’ faces. - This is an acceptable play activity with other pack members - unless it becomes obsessive. There are three levels of intensity: mild, medium and high.  I do not allow activities to reach a high intensity unless I create the game. For example, if I’m playing ball with them, I let them go to the highest level of energy. However, if they do it among themselves, I only allow them to reach a mild or medium intensity.  The same behavior at a different level of energy can create a fight, simply because it was a high level energy moment.
Gives other dogs her toys/chewies. - This indicates that, in a pack of dogs, she would be in the middle.  She’d be the one who would keep the dogs in back and the dogs in front as a unit.
You mentioned that your dog has enough energy to play after she does exercise or goes for a walk. Absolutely! Utilizing extra energy in play is a great way for dogs to celebrate the day. All the dogs at the Dog Psychology Center play after exercise. They just don’t play for a long period of time. After feeding times and when the temperature cools at around 5 pm, everybody here is frisky and playful, but playtime only lasts about fifteen minutes. After that, they are tired!
Based on the information you have shared, Klohee is a high-energy, submissive dog.  The goal is to make her calm-submissive.  You’ve got one half of the battle accomplished already!  Walking her with a backpack is a great way to drain energy and move toward accomplishing that second half!
Stay calm and assertive,
Cesar Millan

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